Here we think and feel freely

Here we think and feel freely

First things first: Find your KEFI!


I assume you’ve never heard of that word. Which, of course, means you don’t know anything about it.

But, what if I tell you that you probably have some parts of KEFI in you?

KEFI, commonly spelled KEPHI, has tradition and a cool story behind, just like we people do. 🙂

It is an old Greek word which reflects the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, overpowering emotion; the sense of freedom, contact with your inner self, your Being; freedom to behave how you want at the moment, completely openly glorifying the life and expressing its deepest and purest human feelings.

You know that moment when your blood runs so fast through your veins, you hear heartbeats louder than a drum and above it, you are overwhelmed with happiness or sadness? That is something so natural in Greek mentality, generally speaking, in the mentality of almost all Balkan people. But, the Greeks invented tragedy and comedy, and there, you can find the deepest human necessity for happiness or pure heroic feeling of sadness. They express it through art, especially through music.

They are born with it. And they recognize it more natural than other nations do.

So, I encourage you to find your KEFI.

Be free, be spontaneous, talk to yourself, improve your knowledge, spirituality, and empathy, and spread love among the people. Don’t be afraid to feel and to say what you think. Find yourself in the moment, wherever you are and be brave. Be passionate about life. Wake up that KEFI!


XO, Nina P