ENG ( Death. Somewhere over the rainbow. )

ENG ( Death. Somewhere over the rainbow. )

As much as we talk about death and its great role in the life of every living creature, and as much as we perhaps, glorify, respect and are afraid of death – one thing is inevitable:
We will all die, in one way or another.

Until that moment, we can say: Yes, we certainly hate it because she is taking our beloved ones away, pushing a human who already reacts turbulently to small changes, and overall he has to live with it and learn from it.
We will be afraid, because we don’t know it deeper than the final act, when it’s there, in front of our eyes.
We will believe it is not something bad because it is Gods, and we’ll respect it, although it is not ours, and yet we bear in it, both life and death.
Because, what is death for a butterfly, and what for a man?
The butterfly is born, rejoicing in life while the sun is up – and then it dies.
Man is born, he is consciously recognizing happiness a little bit while the sun is up, then he is doing that even less when the star and the moon are upon the sky. Time just flies. He thinks much and speaks much, giving himself the right to believe he knows, yet doesn’t even know what he thinks he knows, barely being aware of it, and in his ignorance, he dies.

The butterfly has one chance to rejoice in life, but the man has more chances even for many other things. But in most of the time, remains lost in them.

Well, a man and a butterfly are not the same, but in the end, the same is waiting for them.


photo from: Unsplash.com

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