ENG ( Record in time )

ENG ( Record in time )

Eyes full of sunshine.
The golden color on me.
In the sea
In the sky

Shadows of distant peaks
They wave at me.
I salute them with a smile on my face,
With a peace in my chests.

They’re here for centuries
I’m only two decades.
And right that is pure Justice,
if there’s any at all in the world.

It’s mine to feel it
To say and cry.
It’s theirs just – to be
And – stay.

When I leave,
I’ll be happy to see them again.
Because: how can one not be happy when knowing he was alive,
And saw something like that?

Maybe I’ll wave around the sun
Maybe we’ll talk differently
And if nothing from that happens,
Thank you for being one now.

The golden color melts into magical navy blue:
In my eyes
In the sea
In the sky.

Here comes the time for secrets
Sensitive tones
Other Senses
And the same eternity.

Photo by de Jesus Benitez on Unsplash

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