ENG ( Nina )

ENG ( Nina )

All you need is Beauty, Good, and Love to pack them in a suitcase.
And just believe.
Everything is really the way it must be.
There is no room for fear and no place for doubt.
Be thankful for being alive.
Share with others this tool against evil and stupidity.
And let us all together conquer this life in a short breath in which we have breathed all the ideals of our tragical Being who strives to the heights wisdom! Because life without them is not worth living.
On the stage, while the lights shatter the darkness from which one’s voice sends a message, somewhere in this world someone’s heart beats faster because of these words and it is ready to bleed for the Truth. And the truth is One because we all speak the same language. And that’s the only way we can be saved.

And, again, I’ll say, let us conquer this life, and let each of us wins a victory, celebrating the fulfillment of one’s own purpose as a human.

Let’s sing the song of freedom.

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