ENG ( Kefi )

ENG ( Kefi )

What makes me feel most alive?

It crossed my mind while I was sitting in an armchair in the comfort of my warm room, as a black sky hovered over my city.

Great atmosphere for introspection, right?

The various distances crossed my mind and touched my soul at that very moment.

For example: Who walked out of my life, and why?

Is it possible to hear “Pou nai ta xronia”, “S ‘agapo”, “Erotevmenaki”, “Ta paidia tou Peiraia”, “Ax Xelidoni mou”, “Min klais” from a Greek tavern, and is there a free chair that’s waiting for me?

My soul and heart are there, God, when will I go back to that beautiful country?

Who am I comparing to myself five years ago? Have I strayed from my path?

Is it, when I don’t feel a gap and distance with myself, what makes me most alive?

I would like to ask the last question every single reader of this text.

Honestly, how have we forgotten to live? How much do we actually run away from the accumulated stress and just look for some peace? Meanwhile, a distance is created between ourselves and our essence, between a quality relationship with other people and a quality life we deserve to live.

He who does not run away from his emotions expresses them freely, articulates his thoughts as clearly as he can, learns every day how to be a better person, forgives, widens his horizons and opens his mind, will never walk the same street he returns from work every day. He will never kiss the same loved one every morning and he will never see the same person in the mirror. Even the tree in the street on the way home is not the same tree as it was yesterday. He sees and loves life around him freed from the constraint that something must be ‘exactly like that’ to the very end because he is aware that nothing is safe and no one is promised for anyone. Therefore, he doesn’t really belong to anyone. Not to the street, nor to work, to himself, neither to her or him… He is free!

He is the flow of life fluid that permeates him and makes one unique man, a human being who is vulnerable, strong, happy, and unhappy, who is an intelligent, spiritual and emotional being. A man with many opportunities to be free. And to live.

To truly live.

We may all not be in such a position, but we can change the point of view and find in ourselves something that makes our heartbeat sounds positively crazy. You know what I mean. I bet you watched it in movies. Something that makes us indescribably sad too. Yes, that is normal. To dig out the deepest wounds and realize once we find ourselves in the center of the vortex of these greatest human movers, that we don’t belong to any emotion, that, again – we are free.

Exactly because we’re alive and because we can feel it all, we can say that we really live, not just live by.

For me, the people who have always been a synonym for life are the Greeks.

I find and feel Kefi with them! One short yet strong word that can be an inspiration to everyone.

Always brings a smile to my face when I say it out loud.

Kefi is an ancient Greek word that doesn’t have a simple translation, as many of their words, but there lies the beauty of meaning and knowledge. I understand her through the spirit, which she represents, in a way. Moreover, that spirit is joy, passion, all-pervading pure emotion; the scent of freedom, contact with ourselves, with our Being; the freedom to behave as we wish at the moment, fully&openly glorifying Life and expressing the deepest and purest human emotions.

The moment when blood flows through my veins so fast that I hear my heartbeat louder than the drums, and above all, I am overwhelmed with happiness or sadness. And I don’t want to kill myself because I don’t see the meaning of life, or get confused. After all, I don’t know where that happiness/sadness comes from and do I deserve it at all. No, that doesn’t exist.

There is only one moment, only that famous moment when Anthony Quinn and Alan Bates dance sirtaki on the beach after an absolute disaster and hard work. And that is the image that Heraclitus dealt with in a philosophical way centuries before the Greek Zorba and the present time, uniting the unity of opposites. Right then, when everything fails, at that moment everything is born. And that is life. It actually happens all the time, even when we’re not aware of it. Each pair of opposites forms both one Whole and a multitude.

Happiness and unhappiness can be attributed to one person. As they are, but also in all their forms, really make a multitude, as well as a one Whole because they are both in us. Part of our life. If there weren’t one, we wouldn’t know about the other, and if they did not exist together, we would not be alive.

Kefi is a word that unites the awareness of this.

Thank you dear Greeks for this, essentially short and very important signpost for life, next to Delphi: “Gnothi seauton” (ancient Greek – γνῶθι σεαυτόν) or “Know yourself”.

This essence is written in genes, in legends, in historical heritage.

The spirit of the ancestors never sleeps and stands firm as a pillar of pathos growing a nation.

The source of tragedy and comedy rests on Greek soil. Accordingly, I find pathos here, in the meaning of passionate spirituality, touch, warmth, the deepest human need for happiness, but also with that primordial heroic feeling of suffering that we know through their traditions, myths, sages, poets, and especially through music.

Also, each of us is a hero of its life, and this doesn’t remain only within the framework of ideals, legends, and words on paper.

Behind all that, Kefi smiles at us, and in front of everything stands each one of us, stripped to the core and allowed to live his time.

 I want to answer my question from the beginning. 

What makes me feel alive is Love, Freedom, conversation with myself, expanding knowledge, spirituality, empathy, compassion, and spontaneous behavior.

Without fear of being able to say what I feel and think.

I am alive only at this present moment, wherever I am.

Courage, passion, and curiosity to life make me feel alive.

When I’m aware that the worst distance is one with yourself.

And only I can cross that big hole by waking up my Kefi.

To be happy and to live,

To truly,


Fully live.

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