ENG ( Grandpa Milutin )

ENG ( Grandpa Milutin )

If somebody told you.
Yes, if somebody told you 5, 10, 15 years ago that you will be this kind of man, hang out with this less or that more people, change your hairstyle, interest, how you dress, type of books and music, places you go out and a man with whom you share the deepest secrets. Add to a list based on your own life.
There you go, standing there so amazed about yourself and time.
Imagine IF somebody told you!
Well, the one who would have told you, you would never listen to him. Perhaps you would, but honestly, would you ever really hear and remember anything, not mention taking it seriously?
There is not much to think here. You are so confident in someone&something, as well as the future, so all of this is meant to be and you are completely assured of that. But then, one day you wake up realizing that you are somewhere in the East, and all of this mentioned above just rests somewhere in the West. You get out of your shell, someone is not ready. Your moves in life are accompanied by different vibrations than those you left behind, and you aren’t aware of it. Maybe, before bedtime, some thoughts about this truth pass by, but you quickly respond to them: Runaway, let me sleep.
It is interesting how we are scared of the big changes in our lives at the beginning, and then we quickly rely on them as they’re the greatest scars turned into a strength, and furthermore, we become a motivation for ourselves and others. Still going through life in the same body, with the same soul. Only the essence is seen much better today than yesterday.
And nobody made a mistake, nor was he guilty, or bad.
Just like you, so everyone else on this planet.
Just don’t do evil to somebody, and don’t be a bad man.
In the end, somewhere up there, love and kindness only count.
Well, be the voice of it, always.
Whatever you wear today, whatever music you listen to, book choices you make, with whomever you drink coffee, and whoever is the man you share your deepest secrets.
Grandpa Milutin said: Just be human, with the big H, and as long as others concerned- whatever they want.
And I will add: show them by the example that you can turn the other cheek because deep down, you know the truth.
It hurts, and it has to hurt.
So what?
It hurt every time something was worth it, right?
After all, all of this doesn’t make sense to somebody. And that’s okay. Everyone sees what they want, everyone is a reflection of their soul and face. And everyone chooses to be a (Hu)Man, or some of his masks, a simple two-legged animal without much effort, or other.
I give my vote for grandpa Milutin.

Haiku for today was drinking a little bit more so apparently, it expanded. Cheers!

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