ENG ( Boy from the moon )

ENG ( Boy from the moon )

My boy from the Moon took of the star and brought me the brightest one to bed.

He covered me and kissed me.

He looked at me all night while I was sleeping. I was wondering what was on his mind right there on the corner of my bed?

Maybe how I look really funny and how I remind of some kind of an ostrich while my forehead is on my pillow? He was probably wondering how it is even possible for a person to remove a blanket so many times. I believe that my red woolen socks haven’t been missed because even if I’m covered whole, my feet are always out.

I just hugged the star and fell asleep.

He must have wondered if I was dreaming.

Something tells me that I smiled at that moment.



I’m wondering, does he now that I’m dreaming about a blue boy from the Moon and that that boy is him?

This time I want him to leave the star in the sky so the hug can belong just to him.

I will try to do my best not to fall asleep now.

But if however, I close my eyes, I will open my heart!

A heart always remembers everything. It will be able to tell me all, even if I forget sometimes to look at the stars and when I forget how to love and laugh.

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

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