Although I was only a couple of days in Prague, it was enough intriguing to wish to come back there again. And that is something I consider to be a very important characteristic of any place I visit.

I have no tips or the top 5 places you need to visit because that’s really a matter of personal choice and a schedule of free time on the trip. If you have a little more time, such suggestions may be beneficial, but as I said, Prague has accommodated me for a couple of days, which is enough time for me to get lost in it for the first time there, and absorb everything I can while my legs don’t give up on me.

Hradchany is the first place I’ve stepped on that November afternoon. A really great welcome. 🙂 It is actually a quarter of castles on the left side of river Vltava, and interesting information is that this part of Prague was an independent city until 1784., after which they became part of the united Royal capital of Prague. Also, the castle that dominates Hradchany is one of the largest castles in the world. It’s not a small thing to be there in its vicinity and absorb the energy sent by this magnificent building. Great feeling!

There is a fantastic view of the nearby viewpoint. I enjoyed the countless roofs that adorn the buildings of this capital on the other side of the bridge (maybe better to say bridges).
This picture in front of my eyes irresistibly reminds me of the beginning of some kind of movie fairy tale: the camera takes a wide plan with a view of the Hradchany plateau, in the next frame it shows one of the peaks of a castle, the music is heard from the flute, the camera records the entire building and further down- stone ground, among the ordinary people dressed in accordance with the time of the Middle Ages of this area, there are plenty of drinks and craft stalls, workshops … and now we are returning to the big castle to see what is happening within its walls.

I’m coming back from imagination in the cold November in the 21. century.

There are numerous galleries in the immediate vicinity, as well as one of the most important buildings – St. Vitus Cathedral.

It was impossible to take a picture of the entire cathedral, and the photo of her that you will see below was created by lying in front of the cathedral just trying to capture its top. It is the central church of the Prague Archbishop and is 97m high. Opposite to cathedral is one of the many tourist info centers, so you can ask how and when you can enter the cathedral, buy tickets and get acquainted with other benefits for visiting famous old and important places in Prague.

I don’t have many great photos, on the contrary. I photographed something just when I said to myself: hm, it wouldn’t be bad to have some kind of memory in the form of photos, right? I absolutely tried to absorb as many senses as possible, feelings, energy, so photography fell into another plan, or better to say: for the next time!

The Gold lane, an extremely interesting and narrow street, absolutely authentic from the Middle Ages, was allegedly named after the alchemists who once tried artificially to create gold. Find yourself in it somehow, you will not regret it. There is a stone blue house in which Franc Kafka lived shortly with his sister. I didn’t photograph, the street number is 22. It was more important for me to get to the table below the window, imagining how Kafka was sitting here and writing. The view through the window is extremely depressing, not at all inspiring at first glance, but if we enter the Kafkian mood – surely it is. Feel uneasiness and pressure of being in that place, and then evaluate it yourself.

If you haven’t read Kafka by accident, I’m afraid you won’t feel Prague, because it is really a shame not to take him inside you and not waking him up walking down the streets. Through his eyes, you can see this city in a different way without no doubt. Besides that, it is important, for general education. 🙂
Franz Kafka Museum is one of the most interesting museums I had the opportunity to visit. I’m thrilled with the entry into the whole story that starts with black corridors, rooms, where I’m surrounded by black shiny drawers, white lights, notes, phones and a quiet voice in the background that constantly speaks something in German. I’m picking up one of the phones and my heart pulses faster. The man holds the monologue, gradually increasing his voice and he is very serious. I do not understand German, but I feel guilty and caught, I want to escape. I got in the process. I feel tense, I did something bad, although I didn’t really, and I’m waiting for that bizarre feeling to be solved. I dropped the headphone, and that feeling pulled me through the halls leading into the further setting of a museum that portrays Kafka’s portrait with numerous authentic photographs and scripts. Great experience!

In the whole area on the left side of the Vltava, I had the feeling of the darkened medieval times. I felt so close to that period, almost as if I could touch it and literally breathe the whole spirit of that time. It’s impossible to escape this kind of experience in this city. If you haven’t felt it, go back there again, because you definitely forgot something in Prague that nobody will steal you, on the contrary, you will reward yourself by coming up with it.

I am not a great fan of Gothic, but honestly, I can not deny the admiration I feel for all the buildings in that style that spring from every corner. Places around Charles Bridge and below it are perhaps one of the greatest sources of such a spirit. Poor lighting, somewhat strange looks of people in an even more strange way do not make you feel unsafe, but they are challenging you to answer yourself to the question that you probably at least once asked: What would I do if I had a time machine? And let me tell you something: it is right that feeling that Prague, magically, silently, but very strongly and steadily, transmits from the ground, from the rock, in the damp foggy air, from the incredible towers…Feel the multifaceted secrets that Vltava wisely carries within and share with those who wish to descend to her, sitting on a bench, maybe feeding a swan and letting them ride to another dimension.

Prague is perfectly connected with metro for those who do not like traveling by time machines and are interested in the more quickly and way more contemporary way of travel. I went little above Hradchany: Dejvice, from where I decided to get down to Hradcany place and then down to the river. It is nice for a relaxing afternoon walk with a mandatory visit to some of the parks that are beautiful for relaxation.

Charles Bridge is a special experience and I believe it is even better when the river of tourists doesn’t flow to you, and you do not have many choices but moving somewhere to the side, even if you were standing nearby, just try to absorb as much as possible.
I am taking a walk early in the morning, there aren’t many people, enjoy in the art of various artists, music, and I feel wonderful. Get up before the dawn, go to the bridge, and the scene will follow the blood in your veins. As Prague wakes up, many towers and different tops of buildings are split through the fog, its silhouettes are changing from minute to minute until the fog is withdrawn. As if a chariot will run over the bridge with two big black horses every second!

16 arches, 30 bronze statues, infinitely many powerful energies, history, and legends. I could take a coffee to go, having with me historical stories and legends, sit down under the bridge or beside the fence and travel among words. What do you think about it? Would you make me a company? Who knows, maybe we meet. 🙂

Walk along some bridge, not just Charles bridge. I found myself on the Legion bridge, it was around ten pm, and on the other side, towards the old town, the National Theater awaited me. A moment that leaves breathless. I stand, absolutely do not mind the cold wind, I watch at the building and I smiled. I’m so happy to be here, and now- alive. That’s what I wish for each of you. You weren’t somewhere the way you should be unless you touched this feeling. The most beautiful thing in the world, perhaps even more beautiful than a place where you are at that moment.

From the National Museum and the monument to Vaclav, which is terribly terrifying and dark all the time, direction pulls you down to the typical shopping area. This and every major street leads to various small squares with numerous fast food sausages, where at very cheap prices you can eat their fast food. Then be cool and tell everyone that you have eaten great sausages in Prague. Along with that, be sure to drink some local beer. It’s an ID card of this area, much like you were in Naples and eating a pizza. It just has to be done. My feet demanded a break, I went to a café-restaurant a 15-minute walk from the National Museum. It’s called Café Louvre, and there I drank the most perfect cup of hot chocolate ever in my life! Even today I have this taste in my mouth. To the bottom of the cup, I was completely in the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka. Something incredible.

I found another meal in a nearby local tavern. Walked down the stairs, I enter literally into the cave where the atmosphere of typical medieval pubs prevails, and they have tried to illustrate it with various props. Of course, it’s not dirty, although I still feel the smell of moisture and I have the fear of the light that goes out in the bathroom where you can’t hear anything. It’s pretty scary and exciting too. Who loves that kind of excitement, of course. There are many other options, you are not convicted to eat in such places.

The night is slowly falling, I run on the last metro to my lodging. I go to Karlovy Vary in the morning-something more will be said in a separate text. After that, I pack my suitcases and I’ll be back in Belgrade in no time.

Prague is a magical city, mysterious, insufficiently open for getting to know him at first glance, but a common language can be found as soon as you release the imagination a little bit and revive the old spirit of this place in yourself. For me it remained as a faithful picture of the Middle Ages, I felt that coldness, but that didn’t bother me to remain in my heart as a warm recommendation to everyone, and a great memory that I definitely want to revive and deepen more.


Vidět! – See ya soon!

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