ENG ( A new day )

ENG ( A new day )

Shy look.

Game light.
The darkness slowly fades away.

Fingers are in sweet disharmony.

Open window.

Kinda empty, lost but calm look. The scent of the night encounters the day.

Dawn joins the poetry wrapped in love, happiness and moment of eternity.

We roam the bridges of consciousness and imagination. Somewhere, between the reality and the dream, our two beings who live at this moment as one soul, are looking for peace.

We make each other better. No conversion. We naturally and honestly build our world, the world of Love.

The smell of wine and a picture of the perfect harmony of simple people.

A little blanket heats us. We are relieved from care, happy with what we really are, not because of what we actually have. Tired lips are quiet. A sweet smile stretches between them.
View narrowed between eyelashes, kind of smiley and charming.

Fresh morning, pulls us to the window.

Deep sigh.

Closed eyes.  


East sends heat …

An ashtray is on sims, filled with cigarette leftovers.
Two new burning ones.


The smoke meets the lifted sunblind, whose holes, equally distant, resemble the printed melody. We don’t know the lyrics. The hearts are singing.

The view is accompanied by the moment of immense happiness. Invisible threads between our lips are attracted to each other.

One beautifully spontaneous, over the lips switched, “Good morning!” 

Images from: Unsplash.com



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