Dear Athens

Dear Athens

8 am.

This adrenaline I can’t compare to anything else.
Getting out of the car at the Parliament, the heat erupts from the ground. But, somehow, everything is as it should be.

Fuss, crowds, car sirens. We’re looking for a kiosk to grab a hundred bottles of water…STOP! Look at this lunatic driving through a red light! Malakia! Oh well, hey.. Few of us laughed at the pedestrian. Let’s move forward.

Dalaras sings “S’agapo” in me. The live version, we all know it.
S’agapo giati eisai orea, S’agapo giati eisai esi. That’s how I love you, literally. Down the Acropolis hill, with freshly squeezed orange juice in my hand, I looked up at the Parthenon, dug in the place and I simply started crying. Sincere tears that just flow. Inside of me is happening mixed joy and the dream come true awareness. Also, who knows what else from some past life rejoiced at this very moment, as if after a terribly long time finally found its way home. Being home. That’s it. Eimai spiti. Melina Mercury, can you hear me? I’m talking to you! Oh yes, I perfectly know how well you understand me and hopefully hug me. Thank you so much. I am not born as a Greek, but I will die as Greek because the soul knows where to bring this decay.
Now we climb Mount Filopappou. I wipe my tears and happily run around. After making a 360-degree circle I just wanted to fly, and hug everyone!
First stop: Socrates Cave.

I take Socrates’ Defense out of my backpack. The very end of the “Defense” was my choice. I feel ashamed as I say: But it is time for me to go to Death, and you to Life. And which of us is going to better salvation, no one knows but God.

I want to believe that happened right here, and I want to believe that I revived the great Truth that Socrates spoke. And the ancient spirit, that every corner of Athens naturally emits.

Second stop – break under the olive trees and a magnificent view of the Acropolis on the right, and the new Athens on the left.
I’m searching for the music player Dalaras’s song. I sang it quietly to myself, and now let the wind and heat sing with me. You know, this is what people call “here and now”.
And in the “here and now” is everything.
The past, the present, and the future.
All is One – says Heraclitus. Yes, we are all One, in One and from One.
This Love is understood and felt by every living Being from an ant to a man. Olive trees and ancient stones.
As well as the song I wrote to you.
Eimai Spiti. 🙂


Dear Athens,
You are looking right at me!
I can see your smile.
It stroke my heart.
So powerful, strong,
Yet it screamed the pain and sorrow.
You smile so proudly but you ain’t happy.
What they’ve done to you was undoubtedly extremely hard to carry
upon your shoulders and within your brave heart.
Seems like there’s no hope.
But that’s just the reflection of small people who don’t understand you,
and whose hearts and minds are so narrow to accept all the rejoice you can give.
You can give, but we aren’t able to receive it.
Please, understand.

We are truly so small,
in time,
by all means.
My body is simply trembling.
My soul is thrilled,
and I’m looking upon the greatest beauty I was ever in front of.
Tears are rolling down my face.
Can you accept this feeling?
Please, understand.

Standing there in the middle of the street,
and feeling like a little girl.

Dear Athens,
I saw your smile and that blissful tear in the corner of an eye.
Or was that I?

The reflection you gave me,
people call Catharsis.

I call it an Encounter.

This soul found her echo in the time while the wind was blowing as it did centuries ago.

That was the sound of
bravery and,
Unimaginable beauty.
The deepest essence.
The identity of the spiritual Being.
Queen of this magical country,
Mother to wisdom and war,
Ground for philosophy and art,
Keep on smiling because the victory is always on your side!

Please, understand that I couldn’t apprehend all the beauty and pain you evinced.
My heart isn’t big enough to accept all of it.
But you knew I did recognize.
I will never forget your touch.
Thank you for letting me in.
While my soul gently weeps until I’m back again in your arms,
Dear Athena,
Gorgoneion holder,
Brave warrior,
I know,
you understand.

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